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The Way of The SPIRITUAL Warrior


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What is the Warrior Archetype?

Discover if YOU are the Warrior Archetype.

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Shin Dao Philosophy

Does the Shin Dao Path of Loving Who You Are and What You’re Doing with Your Life speak to YOU?

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What is a Spiritual Warrior?

Do YOU have what it takes to be a humble Warrior?

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L. Neil Thrussell

Spiritual Warrior, Author, Teacher,  Adventurer and Lover of Life.

Hi! My name is L. Neil Thrussell and I believe everyone, especially you, has a life purpose.  I also believe you were born to fulfill that purpose.  You may not know what that purpose is right now, at this very moment, but trust me, you were born to live it!

I also believe that there are many ways to live your life and for me my personal path is sharing the Way of the Spiritual Warrior.  


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Our Unwavering Promise To You!

Ensuring you feel like a confident Spiritual Warrior, passionately living the Way of the Heart, is our unwavering promise to you. Transforming painful questioning, self-doubt and longing into clarity, confidence and joyful freedom is at the heart of everything we do. The Shin Dao Promise is that you will play bigger and shine brighter than you ever thought possible.

Confidently live a life of Purpose, Passion, Freedom and Joy!

Learn to Live with Focus. Know Who you are and What you Want from life. Overcome your fears so you live Purposefully and Passionately, fulfilling your Calling.

Follow your Heart, Live with Love and Nourish your Spirit.

Learn to Listen to your Heart and Trust your Self. Feel Fulfilled doing what you Love. Learn to Treat yourself with Loving kindness and Compassion.

Master the Magic of Life!

Learn to Love more. Know that you are Worthy of all the Good the Universe has to offer.  Playfully master Discipline (the Key to Success) to Experience Freedom. Powerfully carry your Brilliance into the world. Be Radiant. Shine your Light.


Our mission is to co-create confident, bold Spiritual Warriors who live the Way of the Heart. Cultivating your inner strength, inner wisdom, and discipline, so that you are able to live Authentically with Passion and Purpose for the life of your Dreams!


Our vision is to create safe and sacred environments containing impactful, interactive experiences that facilitate people feeling good about who they are and what they are doing with their life. These experiences expose people’s Inner Wisdom, Intuition and Inner Strength and cultivate the Discipline of Living the Way of the Heart (the Shin Dao).